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Tibetan Terrier is the dog of dream.He is kind, love people and playing.He is very atractive with long coat.Tibetan terriers is just like children, they never will grow up,they have big heart with many goodness.




When breeding is pointless


Nature does not promote anybody. Dogs are likewise exposed to the regularity of inheritance, as any other living beings. Transmitting certain homogeneous characteristics - let them be physiognomic or psychic natured – enable us to connect the given individual with his predecessors, with those ancestors from whom he gained his appearance and character.

Scientists assume that the material world is built from atoms; the geneticists on the other hand consider the essence of the living world being built of “feature atoms”. At the time of fertilisation, both parents add one of the halves of the “feature atoms” to the creation of the new living being. Generally speaking, we use the term heredity with regard to resemblance to the parents; at the same time it is hard to limit its examination merely to the father’s and mother's partial, direct influence. It is true that it is easier to notice the physiognomic heredities than the psychical ones. It is up to us whether we “cultivate the soil” prepared by the constitutional heredity or not when we want to make the most of our dog. Actually, a living being already existed before is had been born. In that moment, when the paternal and maternal genome become united comes into existence the basis of the opportunity of the later development. The heritable factor is for good and all determined, but the environment - in which the individual lives – is variable and incalculable. Everybody knows that the acquired characteristics are not heritable, merely the aptitudes. This statement is however not a rule. Good abilities are required to high plane of accomplishments. Where it lacks there is nothing to improve.

The new individual comes into existence as the general effect of the hereditary transmission of the nucleus and the plasma. So, we have to attribute to psychic heredity that a watch-dog is constantly on alert, registers the slightest sounds and attacks. The young individual the ancestors of which were engaged in hunting is very acquainted with the occasion of his first “mission”. This can not happen in case of a social dog.

In some respects inheritance can be systematically approached as well, and with time the physiognomic-psychic development can be controlled in as much as there are the conditions for it. In case of breeding - when we regularly reckon with particular psychic characteristics – it is indifferent whether they are present in form of aptitudes or qualities already existing.

            The danger for degeneration of the psychic abilities is very big if we make selection based only on appearance. By taking proper effect on the behaviour of the dog, we can somehow influence the inherited characteristics, and consequently so we may “introduce” the more preferable qualities into the stock. Learning being based on success is the most effective, because praise is just as important for the dog - if not more important - as for the man.

We are confronted with difficulties in the question of the inheritance of character. First of all, these can be questions related to the dog’s “way of thinking”, which are difficulties for recognising and value the psychic characteristics without falling into the mistake of making a human of the dog. If we put our pet’s behaviour to a test, we can learn him being so loyal like no other living creature. Man and dog’s millennial-long living together significantly contributes to our intention.

The inconvenience of the “spiritual function”, neurosis also exists at the dogs, and likewise, as in case of the humans, it can be transmitted. As it is well-known, there are entities that are afraid, tremble, hide if it is thundering and lightning. Moreover, some of his successors may inherit this unpleasant behaviour in the same measure as the desirable psychic characteristics. Some kind of helplessness lies hidden behind all neuroses, namely the entity is unable to solve some kind of task. For example, in case of danger the dog always kept in a kennel cannot escape, so it may become neurotic. This appears in the way that he keeps running round and round in the kennel. And what is more, when he gets outside, keeps “passing round” even there.

From this we can draw the conclusion that the puppy’s upbringing should be carried out free of conflict. In case of teaching the dog in too fast tempo, “willing too much” all at once, as well as forcing it to perform actions contradicting his natural behavior may bring about neurosis at our pet. The “spirituality” of the dog - similarly to the human’s – is predisposed to good and bad things as well, namely is prone to changes, just as perfection and retrogression.

With unprofessional attitude it is possible to ruin even the puppy having the most distinguished genetic background. For that very reason, let us provide him the most beneficial environmental conditions in the interest of profound development of his genetic conditions. Environmental effects coming forward in the dog’s younger days permanently influence his behaviour.

It is necessary to avoid by all means bad experiences as well. If something unpleasant happens to the puppy, memorises it for the whole life, and it is quite hard to disaccustom him of the fear evolved this way. Overdone caress - in the later section of his life - reduces the dog’s resistance against stress situations. With unprofessional upbringing - particularly with rude, rough treatment - we can provoke behavioural disturbances at the young entities.

There are two factors that contribute the puppy not to suffer emotionally harm later in his life:

-       One is socialisation, in the course of which the puppy - initially - forms an attachment to his mother, then later to the man. This period falls into the 4-12 weeks of the puppy. If he does not reach enough connection at this time, he will be withdrawn and antisocial. The different development processes affect each other; determine the conformity of the entity’s physical increase, and spiritual growth.

-       The other one is the exaggerated coddling, which yields a socially unsatisfactorily obeying, emotionally uncertain dog. The impecably defended, isolated environment is a wrong practice in the young individual’s upbringing. The kid who is brought up in enrichment, develops faster, and is both physically and psychically healthier. Such puppy learns much more easily, his developing nervous system gets and stores such information set, which may prove to be invaluable in the further section of his life. The puppy breed near the man is brave and active, whereas the one raised in the kennel is afraid of everything, and acts extremely precariously in the world.

     Nature has strived at improving all breeds for thousands of years. However, for humans this is more urgent.The research of inheritance identified the normal process of genetics; therefore it takes every effort to drive the breeding into the desired channel. Although the appearance of the dog is an essential standpoint, at the same time it is necessary to pay attention to the balanced nervous system as well.

     In the course of breeding, virtues predominate at the expense of mistakes. Failings of the dog that make him worthless are: immoderation, excessive irritability, aggressiveness, fight tendency, shyness, etc. The opposite of mistakes, are the virtues. On this area breeding requires more expertise, and significantly bigger attentiveness. Accurate appearance has to join perfect behaviour, otherwise breeding loses its meaning in full measure. At the time of selection one single aim may be in our mind: to breed exclusively healthy dogs with a balanced nervous system. 


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