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Tibetan Terrier is the dog of dream.He is kind, love people and playing.He is very atractive with long coat.Tibetan terriers is just like children, they never will grow up,they have big heart with many goodness.

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Tibetan Terrier Dog Origin

The origin of the Tibetan terrier is uncertain. Some people say that the breed is almost 2000 years old, though there are recordings about it since the 1930s only. According to the Tibetan breeders, these wonderful and eclectic dogs derive from the Lost Valley of Tibet. The monks, visiting the valley before the earthquake about 600 years ago that destroyed the road leading into the valley, at the time of leaving gifted a Tibetan terrier to bring peace and abundance to the monastery. Later the “peace-bringer” attribute has changed to “good luck bringer”, later the Tibetan terriers were given as a gift for those, who has done a big service, or the Tibetans had to thank for. The Tibetan terriers were regarded such valuable dogs that were even hided from strangers, in fact the owners did not want to admit their existence either. Later, besides the monasteries, they appeared in the Tibetan households as well, where they were treated as family members, loved and cherished like a child. At this time started to call them “little men”. Later, by joining nomadic tribes, they lived as charm dogs, as the caravans’ attendants, but probably they rendered several other services as well. Excellent signaller dogs, tolerate the rigours of weather very well, so they could have been useful around the nomadic tribes. Their European appearance was made by Dr Agnes R. H. Greig, the legendary person among the Tibetan breeders. After saving the life of an influential Tibetan’s wife in India, the British doctor got a Tibetan terrier bitch as a present from the family, as the sign of their gratitude. Dr Greig, who previously has already dealt with horse and dog shows in India, immediately became attached to the little Tibetan, and founded the famous Lamleh line with Bunti, the first bitch, and some other Tibetan terriers in 1926 in England, whereas her sister and mother founded the Ladkok kennel. Most of the European Tibetan terriers originate from this two kennels, and the Luneville kennel that came into existence after the war.

The origin of the Luneville dogs is likewise exciting. John Downey found a wandering dog in the Liverpudlian harbour, which he thought to have been casted ashore from an Indian ship. A division confirmed the dog as a Tibetan terrier. This Tibetan male dog, Troyan Kynos, and a gold-colured bitch, Princess Aureus are the founders of the Luneville line. The hatred over long years between Dr Greig and the founders of the Luneville line - mainly due to Dr. Greig, who simply claimed the Luneville dogs as cross-breed – casted a shadow on breeding and exhibition of this wonderful kind, yet, fortunately nowadays, people have little interest in it.


Dalai Lama & Senge , 1969



Tibetan terrier

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