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Tibetan Terrier is the dog of dream.He is kind, love people and playing.He is very atractive with long coat.Tibetan terriers is just like children, they never will grow up,they have big heart with many goodness.


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Why is the hair getting entangled?

Most of the owners of long haired dogs struggle against curdling. On exhibitions clean-bred hair is a requirement. Providing this may cause serious difficulties even for a breeder. Our ordinary dog is properly cared for if his hair is not bunched. But why is the hair of the dog getting entangled? What causes curdling? The answer is complex and variable from breeds and even dogs. In the following writing, we examine the most frequent reasons, which can be important even for a hobby owner.

  •  Genetics: Fundamentally, the quality of a dog’s hair is determined by genetics. If the ancestors had problematic hair it is most likely that in case of the successors’  we will have to fight with this problem as well. If the parents had exceptional hair, their successors will more likely carry on this feature.
  •   Nourishing: It is possible to even damage the hair with good genetic basis if somebody does not nourish his dog adequately. Well-nourishment is instantly visible on the dog’s hair. For example, the coat may revel if our dog has allergic problems, if some kind of vitamin is missing from his food. The hair not properly nourished is rough-textured, mat, dry, prone to get tangled and grows very slow.
  •  Cosmetics: Most people have not got the slightest idea how big trouble they can cause in the dog’s hair if they use unsuitable cosmetic products or if they do not use any essential chemical, for example: balm after bathing. Many products imply harmful substances, which may damage the hair, or the dog’s skin may be allergic to them. Many cosmetics have such a strong corrosive effect (e.g. zinc white) that it almost cauterizes the skin. It is likewise worthy to pay attention to the pH value of the cosmetics, since the inadequate pH value can quickly damage the hair. Other products dry the dog’s hair that provokes curdling.
  •  Daily combing: It is necessary to regularly comb the long hair. If somebody does not comb professionally, combs the hair drily, or the comb and brush are unsuitable will cause serious damage.
  •  Cleanness of the hair: Only clean hair can be kept clean-bred. Even if we use the best cosmetics, our struggle will be hopeless if the hair is dirty. It is not really allowed to comb the dirty, sandy hair, since the brush and the comb stick into the hair and tear the hair out. Dirt got encrusted with the hair almost glues it together and when combing we undo such bundles that would appear in clear hair.
  •  Bathing, drying: The hair can likewise get quickly entangled if we do not bath the dog properly. The concentration of the cosmetics, our moves, drying, the degree of heat of the hair dryer, all influence hair condition.

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  1. Brushing, combing

        The secret of the healthy hair

Thorough hair brushing is a daily demand. Before domestication, the pet in its natural environment got rid of its devitalized hair by crossing bushy, thicket areas. Today such areas are very rare and the dog can only count on the owner’s care. During brushing the devitalized hair, dust, foreign bodies, garbage can be removed from it (pollen and stinging parts of plants). Due to brushing blood supply of the skin improves and by this increases the nutrient and oxygen supply, which stimulates healthy hair reproducing. There is a chance to find the seeded fleas this way and to immediate anti-parasite treatment. Always choose brush, comb and special grooming tools and cleaning supplies (DémélantEclot, Démélant Douceur) suitable for the type and thickness of the dog’s hair in order to the brushing being pleasant for the dog and not to tear healthy hairs out. These cleaning supplies provide a protective layer, make the tools lubricious, easily slipping and reduce the curdling tendency. Brushing, combing should always be made patiently and constantly calm the animal during the procedure.

Perfect combing and brushing happens in two steps:

1./ Brush over the hair to loosen it, while spray with Démélant Eclat

2./ The hair of pily, rough-coated breeds (Yorkshire, Afghan hound, Tibetan terrier, Shih-Tzu, etc.) should be brushed in hair direction only. On the other hand, the ones’ with bushy hair (Poodle, Pekingese, Collie, etc.) have to be brushed twice backwards as well. Finally, comb over with the hair with a rounded comb (to avoid damaging the leather) in hair direction to check whether it is adequately loosen and lump-free. The dog’s living conditions and their hair type determine how often we need to brush and comb the dog. One thing is sure, more frequently combing is so much the better.

2. Bathing

Tender moments for perfect tidiness

At the time of bathing we can remove dirt and the parasites from the hair, while the skin and the hair get fresh air and curdling can be reduced. Our pet will feel better, the potential itching of the skin stops and the family's environment will also be clearer. It depends on the owner, how often he baths the pet: there is nothing against frequent bathing, provided that it is carried out with proper wash, which is gentle and do not irritate the skin. Just as the owner got used to wash his hair twice, so he has to clean his pet’s fur-coat. For the first bathing always use Essentiel Protéine. This is a shampoo that is suitable to all skin types and cleans thoroughly but gently. The second washing should be carried out with a shampoo suitable for the type and colour of the hair in accordance with the instantaneous necessity of the dog. See “Personalised Advice”. After shampooing it is advisable to apply a nutritive and regenerating conditioner (Coresse Volume, or CoresseBrillance). Until reaching adulthood it is essential to instantly dry the dog’s hair after bathing and meanwhile brushing it. Start drying on the neck and at the chest because these are particularly sensitive body parts and they must not be wet for a long time. In winter time long haired breeds should always be dried with a hair dryer. Use a strong blower hair dryer, rather than a very warm air dryer, because it statically charges the hair. Not recommended to bathe quite small puppies! (They can be kept clean with dry shampoos and cleansings.)

3. Between the two bathing

The benefits of fast cleaning

If we do not have time for bathing, the fur can be kept clean by a cleaning solution or with the help of a natural powder with vegetal ingredients. Apply these substances at the time of brushing, not necessary to rinse them. This method of nursing is very favourable and practical for big bodied and long haired dogs (German shepherd, Briard...), because drying would be lengthy. It is likewise recommended for the wire-haired ones (terriers...) because due to the texture of the hair frequent bathing is not advisable (husky, chow-chow, collie, etc.).

4. Special care, tiny details that are important

To dog care belong nursing of the eyes, ears and nails as well.

Nail care:

If the dog is inactive or only walks on fitted-carpet and plain grassy area, the nails may quickly grow out. They must be cut from puppyhood on regular basis. Take care to cut down only the point of the fingernail, because a vein runs in the nail and if it will be injured bleeding recurs. If this still happens, the fingernail should be powdered with astringent substance.

Ear care:

It is very important, especially in case of the flop-eared breeds, since their ear is not aired properly. In order to prevent inflammation, the ear should be cleaned once a week with aurilave, Soin des Oreilles, and often removed hair from it. It makes easier if we spray Confort Spray into the inner part of the ear once a month or sprinkle Confort Poudre. The hair degreased in this way is easier to remove.

Eye and beard care:

In case of certain breeds there are often reddish, ugly traces under the eyes and on the beard, which develop from the hyperacidity of the tear and saliva. To remove the undesired traces or rather prevent their formation use daily the vision care Soin des Yeux product. In essence the unpleasant traces totally disappear in a month. But do not stop using the cream even after: only with regular daily use the eye contour and will the beard be spotless.

5. Anti-parasitic treatment in our little friend's defence

As spring begins the parasites appear at once exposing our pet’s health to danger. Ticks may transmit the critical illness of dogs and cats: piroplasmosis. The fleas may provoke itchiness, allergy and can be transfer hosts of parasites. Therefore we have to fight against them. 

Golden rule in flea’s control: the animal’s milieu must be handled with anti-parasitic treatment! The fleas nestle into the sleeping basket, pillow, carpet, into the floor splitting, etc. It is good to know that one single flea lays thousands of eggs a day. This fast reproductive pace means real trouble. On account of parasite cleanse of the environment use Zéro Pace Environment (yet unavailable in Hungary). This substance kills the fully developed parasites and their larva; restrains the development of yolks and other life cycle stages. If the dog is very parasitical, the prevention can be increased by the Antiporositalre Défense (yet unavailable in Hungary) shampoo, but if only a few “lodgers” are on the animal they can be acquitted by the Protection Douce. After two minutes rinse the hair thoroughly. In case of contamination, nowadays the treatment with Antiparasitaire Défense can be repeated, but at the time of the second shampooing use Essentlel Protéine to take care of the hair and skin as well. Finally, apply a tending conditioner to resettle the protector fat layer of the hair. Do not use the Antlparasitaire Défense shampoo for prevention because this is a medicine used for overcoming strong contamination. In summer the frequent use of Protedion Douce shampoos provides enough protection.
For puppies and sensitive dogs use Collier aux Essentielles collar with oil extracts.



Some good advice from Damona cosmetics for the owners of dogs with long hair.

Long haired breeds regularly need to be employed cosmetics. To protect the decorative hair monthly professional treatment is required, or if the owner is able to take care of the dog, in every six weeks. In cosmetics after professional combing, (if it is needed undoing) a special bathing and treatment with conditioner suitable to the hair type is essential if we would like proper hair for the dog. After these come ears cleaning and hair removing from them, cutting off the claws and also cleaning the anal gland, which are the features of a properly cared dog. Besides regular cosmetic care there is need for regular hair treatment at the home as well. At least twice a week thoroughly comb out the dog’s hair with a brush, comb and hair conditioner suitable to the hair type. Never comb the long hair drily because it may get ruined, it will be snatchy. Nowadays there are special shops where you can buy the suitable tools, and cosmetics.

Coat care of the Tibetan terrier

For the Tibetan terrier be always beautiful and elegant, the owner’s and the beauty specialist   concerted work is needed. Consecutive hair care at home and regular cosmetic services are essential. At home we have to treat the hair with conditioners, brushes and combs. In the cosmetics the professional undercoat removal is essential, mainly in case of sable shade. Without proper care the hair can stiffen so much that undoing it means a real physical work with serious difficulties that wear down the dog and the cosmetician as well, so it is worthy to avoid this state. Tibetan terriers and other breeds with long hair have to be in full hair on exhibitions, in excellent hair condition, in form required by the standard. This can only be achieved with consistent, qualitative and professional care.



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