Kennel Tibetan Terrier '' Of Kari Tibetian Shine ''

Tibetan Terrier is the dog of dream.He is kind, love people and playing.He is very atractive with long coat.Tibetan terriers is just like children, they never will grow up,they have big heart with many goodness.


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Dog breeding tips

Most of the Tibetan terriers cannot be “appeased”; it is more effective if we try to exert influence on his brain by gentle persuasion. Most of the dogs can splendidly be motivated by some treats. By this we can easily lure our pet to us, and soon the dog learns that it is so good to run to the owner.


is a simple matter if we started to teach it in due time. Of course all this depends on the ambient of the stimulus. The main point is to properly motivate the dog. Teaching should be started in calm atmosphere, if possible at home. The most important is to reward the puppy when it comes to us and associate it with a calling word. It is possible to motivate the majority of the dogs by some treats. By this we can easily lure our dog and thus the dog quickly learns that it is good to run to the owner. If at home it trustworthily comes to us when we call him, we can make the task more difficult. We have to know that dogs generalize with great effort. That is why in other surroundings it is quite probable that we will have to reteach the task, but this time it will be faster. Try to practise this in several distinct places in order the dog to understand that calling will be calling everywhere.

How to teach our dog?

In the beginning when they are walking out, the puppies are highly surprised due to the immense stimuli. Because of this they usually stay closely to their owners even without a leash, no matter where does he go. They take courage with time and go farther, but usually keep an eye on the owner, not to lose him. At this point most of the owners make two enormous mistakes. One of them is that in case the dog does not come back, he goes after it. Thus the dog gets used to be out of harm's way, the owner follows him anyway. The other general mistake is when the walk is over, the owner calls the dog, puts on the leash and they go home. In this way it is evident that the dog learns if somebody calls him it means the walk is over. But how can we avoid this?

The answer is easy: while the dogs are playing call them repeatedly, reward them and let them go back to play.

Does your dog keep jumping?

Puppies try jumping on everybody and will act like this in their whole life with people who cannot express their displeasure properly. Everybody has to get his dog not to jump on him. We have to teach to our dog what is permitted and what is not. Be ALWAYS consistent in breeding, so when you are in dirty clothes or play with him, do not allow jumping on you since the dog cannot make distinction between the occasions. Therefore, if we want him not to jump, never allow it.

How to make the dog break this habit?

If the dog is already jumping up we prevent him doing it in the following way. When the dog is about to jump up, stand firmly on one leg and hold the other one bended in front of you. It is sufficient to stand like this only until we prevent the dog from coming closer to us. This way the dog will hit his chest in your knee, which is quite unpleasant for him (but be careful not to hurt him, only as much as not to reach us). It is worthy always using a disallowing command at this time (for example: wrong, don’t do this, phooey etc.). If he still tries to jump, rise your leg more firmly, this way we do not only keep the dog away, but we give the dog a lightly push, so because of the unpleasant effect it will soon stop doing it. If someone comes to the family who does not have a determined manner (for example an old person, sick one or a child), do not let him without oversight, or take the dog and lock away. Anyway, the dog will learn everything with time, since it is a clever animal.


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